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Waterbottle Trailers

Our ever popular Waterbottle trailer has many uses around your property.

Water your garden, the trailer is high enough for gravity watering.

Or you can put your own pump on the grate that is positioned on the A frame.

Our basic trailer is fitted with good secondhand light truck tyres and a straight axle designed for the weight

The transfer of water is made easy with this trailer, you can transfer 1000ltrs at a time saving many trips to and fro.

Moving water for your stock.

Collecting water from a tank or roof, then move it to where it is needed.

You can add a drip feeding system to water your garden while you are away or check out the new 50LT trough.

Also available is a dual Waterbottle trailer with all the features and uses of a single but with the capacity of 2000ltrs

The dual Waterbottle trailer comes with new duel axles, light truck tyers, wheels and springs.

And is fitted with over-ride disc brakes..

Add our new portable 50LT water trough

Adjustable to 3 different levels to suit horses, alpacas at the top level. The mid level will suit sheep or goats and the bottom level for lambs or dogs or any animal you have.

The trough comes with all the required fittings and the float

It can be used in a paddock or a yard.

You can also fit a drip irrigation line to the waterbottle trailer to keep you garden watered when your not there.

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