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The Garden Plus

The Garden Plus trailer is our standard Waterbottle trailer with the added benefit of a small genuine Honda pump on the front and a 18mtr x 19mm garden hose on a reel at the back.

Do you have a large garden or have you planted 100's of trees this is the perfect trailer for you.

The garden hose is frost and kink resistant and comes with all required fittings

It is on a powder coated steel reel with a safety locking catch.

If you only need a couple of meters out just lock it off and it won't unwind.

The hose can be used whilst still on the reel you don't have to unwind it all.

The pump is a genuine  Honda GX25 pump

It will give you 40mtrs of head pressure.

It has enough power in an emergency situation to assist with fires, wetting down in preparation if a fire is present in your area. Washing out sheds or washing down machinery, with a Max flow of 120lpm.

And of course it is perfect for watering your garden.

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