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Firefighting Trailers


The Firefighter has all the features you need for personal and property protection. With a full 1000LT tank

3 valve operation for ease of use especially if needed in an emergency.

A genuine GXL 200 6.5hp Honda powering a Koshin pump with maximum of 500lt p/min delivery volume, delivering 90mt head pressure.

25mt firefighter hose with a fully adjustable nozzle on a powder coated steel reel with safety locking catch.

7mt x 50mm suction hose with 8mt suction head pressure

Fills 1000ltrs in approx. 7/8 minutes.

10lt jerry can, spare wheel and jockey wheel also supplied

9 leaf spring suspension

All equipment carried on board.

All components used are ADR compliant.

The Firefighter is a complete unit, no extras to buy

Register ready or on farm units available.

Blue slip supplied for register ready units (NSW residents only)

The Firefighter is the perfect trailer for all jobs where water is required under pressure.


The Firefighter has many uses not only for on your property but for many other businesses such as

Construction, Mines, Equestrian, Nurseries, Orchards and many more types of businesses.

There are also many other uses for the Firefighter,

Watering trees and gardens, washing down machinery and washing out sheds or stables,cleaning out and refilling troughs.

You can used any water based product, herbicide, pestacide, liquid fertiliser

The uses are many and varied and you also have the security of the firefighting capabilities.

The Firefighter can also be a dual trailer with the capacity of 2000ltrs.

It has all the features of the single Firefighter but with the added advantage of 2000 litres.

The dual Firefighter is also fitted with new light truck tyers including the spare wheel.

Over-ride disc brakes on the farm unit,  and four wheel electric brakes with a breakaway system on the register ready model.

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