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      The Fire Chief

                                   New for this summer



A budget Firefighting trailer that still has our quality of construction and equipment that Rural and Outback Trailers has become well known for.


It is our basic Waterbottle trailer fitted out for you, ready to go

It is fitted with a single impeller Davey pump powered by a genuine 5.5HP Honda motor.

Giving 470l/m delivery and 61mt head pressure. 7mtrs suction lift.

25mtrs of fire hose with a fully adjustable nozzle on a powder coated steel reel with our exclusive safety locking catch.

As with our basic Waterbottle trailer it is unsprung and has good second hand light truck tyers. The A frame has extra length for extra manoverability.

Optional extras are available for the Fire Chief

Springs can be added

A basic suction kit is also available.

Please note on property models only available for this model.

No register ready models are available.

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